We are delighted to welcome Lee at NDMAC20210912 New member Lee 1

Lee decided to get back into flying RC after a long absense from the hobby; twenty years no less!

Seen here with a maticulously prepared Ripmax trainer and fitted with an O.S. glow engine and new servos, the model was carefully checked over by Stewart, and then was ready for a first flight.

20210912 New member Lee 2

Keith did the honours and after giving it a couple of clicks of trim, the Tx was passed over.   Lee uses Futaba so Keith was unable to 'buddy' Lee for this flight.  Not a problem.  Lee demonstrated he'd not lost his touch and soon was able to take off and land in a safe manner.

Resident in Bangor and from an electrical engineering background, Lee states he will more than likely stick with internal combustion engines.  "Hooray"!

Welcome to the Squadron Lee.