We are delighted to welcome Allan at NDMAC and hope it won't be too long before he earns his 'wings'.

20210904 New member Allan 1

Allan brought along his new Arrows 'Husky' electric model which he got from Steve Webb Models.

20210904 New member Allan 2

This plane is powered by a 5 or 6-cell LiPo and spans no less that 1800mm.  Should be a good 'starter' model
if appearances are anything to go by.  The finish is top-class.

 Keith has offered to be his mentor and he'll undoubtly be in good hands.

20210904 New member Allan 3

Allan hails from the townland of 'Halbert' so there'll be no excuse for not hopping over the fence on a regular
basis to join in the activities.

I also learned that Allan is an artist specialising in portraits.  Below is a lovely photograph of a dog which he painted; simply stunning!

20210904 New member Allan 4

So if any of you would like your portrait to hang above the mantlepiece, Allan's your man!

Welcome to the squadron Allan.  Hope you enjoy many happy landings.